As an exercise with XML/XSLT,I have decided to publish a book that my daughter Isabel is currently writing. Publishing in XML has the unique advantage that I only need to upload screenshots of her new book pages and modify a single XML.

Please notice that all XSL transformation are done in your browser, and that only a few browsers are capable of doing what I want them to do. I am including external entities, and - as far as I know - only Internet Explorer (5 and higher) and DocZilla can do that. To my knowledge, DocZilla is currently the only browser available for Linux which is sufficiently xml aware. Mozilla, for example, is a great browser, but does not include external entities.

But to the book:
You can see a Thumbnail Overview, read the story only, or see the whole thing on one page.

Programming notes:
Basically, I am simply using three different XSL stylesheets to generate the different views from the same XML repository. You should be able to see the XML when you view the page source.